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Experience & Knowledge

To Take On Your Property

At Minnix Property Management, our group of experienced and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the best possible service to owners and residents. Unlike other management companies that merely provide one individual to meet your needs, we offer you an entire team. We do this so that you, as an owner or resident, can always have someone to rely upon no matter what the situation entails. 

If you require a reliable and experienced management company for your property, look no further than working with Minnix Property Management! We can take care of all your needs. Also, if you are interested in a property as a resident, contact one of our leasing professionals today to get the process started!

"The place is beautiful and the price is fantastic. If you guys are looking to rent a house or an apartment, I would recommend renting from Minnix. They are all about their customers. Such great service from Minnix"

- Logan Burt

"We were dealing with Minnix long distance after finding our home in Lubbock. They were very easy to contact and always replied. The home was in excellent condition. They, especially Danielle, took care of everything. VERY PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND FRIENDLY. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

- Carl Pankowski

"They have a great maintenance guy here in Midland. Audi is really quick to respond and gets the job done fast."

- Jennifer Hughes

"Mary is such a sweet lady and has been very helpful with my transition to Texas. Everyone that I talked to has been amazing with this company."

- Vanessa Gant

"They were very helpful and answered every question …Danielle was awesome at getting back to me .. They are fast at getting you into a home! Thank you!"

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Helping You

Manage Your Property Successfully

At Minnix Property Management, we are committed to helping you manage your property so that you can have a great experience as a landlord. We take on the heavy lifting because we understand that it may be challenging to deal with the numerous aspects of owning a property. You may not have the time or energy to spare to give your tenants the attention they need, so let us help you, as we are one of the best property management companies in West Texas! 

If you are interested in a rental as a resident, we also offer numerous properties in various locations within Texas so that you can find the perfect home to match your needs. Check out the properties we have to offer and get started online today!

Free Rental Analysis

Are you curious about how much rent you can obtain from your investment property? Reach out to Minnix Property Mangement to get a free rental analysis!