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Torri Aikens
Torri AikensTenant
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I came from being homeless and not knowing what the universe would have in store for me from day to day. Fortunately I was able to work 2 jobs, found this place and moved in as soon as I could. So far, Minnix, is a laid back reality group that has patience and understanding. They have addressed some of my concerns on repairs and am waiting on the rest. I just LOVE this home soooo much! The spiritual energy that acompnies the house is absolutely beautiful. I have never felt at peace anywhere I have lived until now. I honestly really want to rent to own the duplex and restore it to it's original state and give it the love and care it so deserves and needs...maybe someday. #stayblessed#havefaith #cleanearth#cleanheart
Rebecca Jayne Rogers
Rebecca Jayne RogersTenant/Local Guide
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They have numerous properties to choose from and their agents are very knowledgeable about each property! Their bookeeping department has been very nice and understanding.
Marisela Altamirano-Turnbow
Marisela Altamirano-TurnbowTenant
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my first stay with minix property management started off kinda rocky as the complex was constantly transitioning between management but after Savanna took over she stayed and changed a lot of things for the better! very professional, friendly, responsive & she definitely takes tenants into consideration when making decisions about this complex. 10/10 would recommend and go back again
Logan Bart
Logan BartTenant
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The place is beautiful and the price is fantastic. If you guys are looking to rent a house or an apartment, I would recommend renting from Minnix. They are all about their customers. Such great service from Minnix
Madi Cable
Madi CableTenant
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We have had some issues, however Danielle Askins took care of everything we needed. She was available at all times and made sure we were heard. I believe that everywhere may have issues here and there , but it’s all about the customer service and she embodies a kind and understanding person and gets things done. I appreciate her efforts and hard work. She truly works hard for us residents. We also had Laura Reeves assist us many times. Every time she got us an answer and got things done. Danielle and Laura get things done here. I recommend if you EVER have any questions, concerns,etc. These women will do their best to make sure you feel valued and most importantly taken care of!
Carl J. Pankowski
Carl J. PankowskiTenant
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We were dealing with Minnix long distance after finding our home in Lubbock. They were very easy to contact and always replied. The home was in excellent condition. They, especially Danielle, took care of everything. VERY PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND FRIENDLY. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!