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How To Keep Residents for the Long Run

Minnix Property Management has seen many types of tenants come and go, leaving rental properties well-maintained or completely damaged. No property manager wants frequent turnover, as it can waste time and money. How are some rental properties managing to keep tenants for years? Here are a few suggestions.

Communication Is Key

For property management services, communication is the key to leaving tenants happy and wanting to renew the lease. Communication has to be quick with effective solutions to tenants’ problems. This includes addressing maintenance concerns at the rental property quickly, which can help property management stay on top of maintenance items without the list building up. See how our pricing can assist owners in renting their property.

Home and Apartment Upgrades

If property management wants tenants to continue to stay in the rental home or apartment, they need to consider upgrading appliances and renovating areas of the property. Upgrades will be a good investment to encourage tenants to stay and makes the rental property feel more like home to them.

Enforce Rules

Every property management service needs to have written documentation of their property rules laid out on the tenant’s lease. This will help tenants understand what the expectations are while renting the home. If tenants start to break rules, speak with them before taking action. There might be a misunderstanding that won’t require eviction.

Be a Good Landlord

Wanting tenants to continue to reside in the rental property for years can be easily accomplished if you continue to be a good landlord to your residents. People will continue to renew their lease if property management is cooperative, provides timely responses, and is respectful.

Seeking out ideas to retain tenants for years can eliminate frequent turnover. This will allow property management services to spend less time and effort preparing the home for rent again. Minnix Property Management will assist property owners in finding the best tenants for rental properties. See our owner services and get your property rented today!